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Inway86score:4.0 / 52021-06-20

The room is too small, it's worth the price
freeboy52199score:5.0 / 52021-06-19

Helping friend, it should be good
jason bear bearscore:3.5 / 52021-06-19

Overall good service, restaurant, lunch is later accused of closing time, meet Manager and reception
e02687083score:5.0 / 52021-06-18

Full full marks, really good, got off on was open door mention luggage, also will to we a Zhang wrote has car grades of small card, returned to we guidelines direction, hotel front desk and door a distance, first times to also really of need guidelines about, to has front desk immediately was enthusiasm of reception we, and sent tea water and has hot towel, in this micro-cold of weather in, can drink Shang a tea, heart are warm has, front desk of von Miss good, see we with elderly, first put elderly arrangements to sandSent Shang rest, and mention luggage and accompany chat, is enthusiasm, know we first times to, returned to we introduced has near of environment, has can walking of Park and can shopping of Mall, hotel in a floor has buffet II floor has Chinese, returned to we buffet of discount coupons, price also not your, unfortunately we home elderly didn't want to eat buffet, on didn't to eat, yihou has opportunities will taste a taste of, handle staying of beauty also is kind, smile sweet, voice gentle, side with I talk sideStaying on do good has, to we arrangements has adjacent of room. front desk behind is red mainly of painting, head has Butterfly style of Crystal lamp, lobby has small bridge, has water, water inside also has fish, not like of is rest of place ground is glass of, fear high of people don't go, feel fear fear of. do finished staying way put we sent back room in, introduced has room card of usage, where plug card take electric, air conditioning control in where, also refers to has Park of direction, see we settled good has only courtesy away fromOpen, last told we if has need can with phone dial 0 contact Service Center. room in is big landing window, whole wall are is, curtains is double of, window near has a sofa, also has desk, room inside device and sheets are is clean, bathroom is big, transparent of wash Taiwan, wash supplies Shang printing with Kaiyuan of logo, environmental material, fragrance moderate, is like of, had a will was knock, is waiter to sent fruit has, we said with of also has room, he alsoHas prepared has, with to has I dad mom room put fruit, put good fruit see we has elderly, active to bathroom added has anti-sliding pad, also with I dad mom chat, asked asked needed not need reading glasses, told we this is hotel of elderly care project, service good also is talkative, I a asked only know also is intern, surname Dr of Northeast small guy, so good of intern to fast points to he positive Ah, haha. check out fast, front desk operation skilled, also asked we needed not need called car, I said toCalled car, she on playing a phone then told we directly to door on line, to door Concierge member on told we has called car has, with they hotel of called car software called car soon on to, was only said has several sentence words of Kung Fu, car on to has, to we put luggage put car zhihou also with we goodbye. This staying is pleasant, thanks service we of staff, yihou if to Ningbo also will back of.
cooco1982score:5.0 / 52021-06-18

799 set very good, dinner buffet is quite rich.
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