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New Century Grand Hotel Ningbo is located in golden area of business investment in Ningbo---New Town Area of Yinzhou, which is next to governmental belt, with city flower "camellia" of Ningbo as the main designing factor.There are 392 luxury guest rooms,7 restaurants and bars, 1500 seats in total. 8 variable meeting rooms can satisfy any high-class conference requirement.The largest one is 800 square meters...More>>

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  • BP-blue
    Modern hotel facilities, switch is touch! service is also more intimate, going out in the evening a trip back, towel, slippers, bath mats, shower curtains, help has been Butler than good, mineral water has been prepared by your bed, comes with a small pendant, very user-friendly
  • lane87
    Rooms at the new century its five-star hotel for the first time, the trip to Ningbo, feel the five-star hotel, new century hotel is very famous, Chinese style, atmospheric look, here are my first impressions. First of all tell us about the location, the location of the hotel is located in yinzhou district, Ningbo, from Lishe airport is near the plane directly? here, probably more than 20 minutes, all very smooth, more wineStore directions to the more prosperous, there is no traffic jam! that's the point! Then say service, to has hotel door, near environment very good, seems small garden, door of guy attitude is good Ah, help we drive door, took luggage, also very intimate has to we a small pieces, above wrote with ride taxi license plate,, is intimate Ah is intimate, door zhihou is a small space, front desk and door has a distance, whole environment are is resplendent of, to people warm ofFeel, then on was came regards greeted, smile is brilliant Ah, has wood has, asked whether handle staying, have scheduled, also to help we took luggage, led we to front desk do staying, front desk of waiter yan value is high Ah, are is Guy beauty, is smile regards, handle staying soon of, we to of compared early, didn't to at two o'clock in the afternoon Bell also let we staying has, and is no discrimination buy came of we, handle staying zhihou returned to introduced has hotel of fromThe fee, swimming pool and gymnasium at 3/f, hotel free of charge. Finally said room has, we live of floors in corridor in has rest district, compared spacious, middle is pick high of design, not suppressed, room a door is small corridor, left is bathroom, bathroom is big, has independent bathtub, wash Taiwan is glass of, beautiful, room in is big of landing window, double curtains, we of room is towards South of, from Windows see to hotel near has a park, hotel around around with smallRiver, views is good, room of switch are is touch type design, also has a straight water of equipment, on equipment this is, not than foreign of five-star poor, bed not is high, mattress lying up comfortable, I on bed is compared picky of, too soft too hard I are sleep bad, this bed sleep has about was sleep of is good, open Sen _ on diet aspects, we no in Hotel dinner, but select to try Ningbo features food, asked has hotel door of Concierge small brother, to we introduced has wineNearby places to eat, just know there is Wanda Plaza and nearby silver Thai city, there is also a playground, take us out, and we called the car, there is a shop called cylinder duck dog well, Wanda, Ningbo features sweet dumplings, sweet but not too sweet. All in all, this trip to Ningbo, a very successful, this hotel, I give 32 a like.
  • mp198400
    Still feeling good, comfortable
  • plllj1997
    Like new century, is the new century's loyal customer, every time new century, like the front desk service and hospitality, as well,
  • alexsun911
    Hotel very nice rooms facing South is big bathtub I like the most is the most recommended health was very clean there is software called car Concierge service at the door is very convenient
  • iamjianping
    Very nice hotel
  • Bayernliebe
    Hotel line, is a long time facility is a bit old
  • may201314
    Clean, good service attitude
  • liujia930
    Hotel facilities, good location, health services are very good, next time will go live again!
  • aanny
    Well, the surrounding scenery is also good, sit down and enjoy the quiet after the kick.
  • duoyoyo
    All right
  • e04419961
    Very good, very value-for-money! good choice!
  • davidtao
    Very nice, perfect facilities, first-class service ~ hotel also has towels and tea ~ front desk receptionists are Hotties Oh concierge staff can also help taxi, sweet!
  • dr7521
    Hotel garden, quiet, great service, good breakfast, Ningbo travel choice.
  • appleni0083
    Very good hotel, room was very comfortable, we are staying over the weekend may have too many people, breakfast is not much, is a dish not much, no fish are meat, might think we play in Lomond Park day with energy.
  • mannlee
    Morning fitness habit, speaking at the front desk of the hotel's gym after opening at 08:30.
  • lanxing1974
    Parking is extra charge, requiring a quilt or blanket, send something to your room is very slow for 5,661 night four star Kaiyuan, services are not in place.
  • e00007035
    According to friends also can
  • e00639752
  • aoocoo
    Around the comforts! room very good! very quiet
  • tianss89
    Well, I found that the room is staying still not ready and hope to improve. hardware facilities the hotel is very good, rooms and reasonable price. price is still quite high.
  • dean520530
    My feelings are for reference only, opportunity will stay. 1. the room environment, devices are great, lobby and room design very much. 2. the bathroom wet and dry separation, rare or two wash basins, very convenient. 3. swimming pool landscape good, complete equipment, is very good. 4. the only thing, if the mattress harder better. of course personal preference is different, this will be different.
  • alanis_
    Point early this morning, the hotel front desk is very professional, staying very soon
  • bubblegreen
    Environment is very good, breakfast not ye drops
  • bidgod
    Hotel friends, I live very happy, has supported new century
  • alucardcao
    Very comfortable to go out is also very convenient and the recommended
  • audryying
    Hotel service is good. Facilities good. Front desk service is superior. Li Yingying good service at the front desk.
  • myiosus
    Beautiful environment, Songjiang hotels have been very good ...
  • dalisa777
    The travel live has Kaiyuan names big hotel, first times live Kaiyuan, actually a began and no hold more big expects, because feel now of star hotel bean almost of service, airport playing of directly to hotel, into hotel, outside Xia of storm, body got wet has, mess, Concierge employees for the I put luggage drag has came in handle staying, front desk small girl good beautiful, has temperament, surface with smile, room give has I free upgrade, let I originally displeasure of heart moments has has comfort,Wang I'm all wet at the front desk gave me a hot towel, and very kindly sent me to the elevator door and very helpful service, room size is relatively large, more appropriate, breakfast is very good, relatively speaking, new century is still pretty good, come back next time
  • Dragon123
    That's good
  • coldest
    Hotel own parking charges, this is, this is definitely the last time.
  • iron163
    Hotel front desk service good, welcome tea warm, Ms Li Yingying guided well, praise
  • duan448
    All right
  • dlcat
    Member's enjoyment, always select
  • puppy1221
    Health and service were good, this is my second stay at the, to Ningbo after choosing to live here
  • Davidsai
    Very good, nice
  • Leave waste alone
    Kaiyuan is fame big. I room in 2 a as big of child. morning a late down. received of breakfast fee different. front desk said can refund. to with restaurant door of welcome bin said. attitude very bad not admitted himself mistake has. back came money also a pay charity others of like. I since live have up you Home Hotel I will pay not up a children of breakfast costs! what attitude. again also not Kaiyuan!
  • Annwang886
    Every Member of the staff was very friendly. greets. attendant Ailsa Li personally delivered to the room. Also introduced a lot of room for upgrades. fantastic.
  • ggg8856
    Fund Manager
  • e00774947
    New century room, front desk check in and check-out very slowly, I live in that room air conditioner to 16 degrees is hot
  • leelovess
    Good attitude, smiling face well, in short everything very well, very warm, next time will come
  • e01649584
    Very satisfied with the
  • francessyang
    Check-in service is not very good, reception for the group after group, did not feel good service before, was a little disappointed.
  • imprainbow
    Pretty good
  • lijuan1969
    MOM booked, she said very well.
  • jialuosuo
    A beautiful environment, complete facilities, reasonable price
  • sijia839
    Good environment is very comfortable
  • gigi004
    Hotel was great, very satisfied
  • Samluo
    Service is good, check-in there is tea, like ... next time will come
  • boysunleon
    Well, alongside a large park, reception was slightly delayed