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yangya5210score:5.0 / 52019-03-05

Live with friends, good, staff very friendly, room was clean, well
mayamicscore:5.0 / 52019-02-28

Hotel environment is good, service is in place, meet 5 star of standard. because a began not understand hotel, on call asked has about, rooms reservation of small girl is enthusiasm of help find has orders, later asked has some on hotel of problem, also are detailed of told has. also special Internet help I find has from Zhoushan came of route, too thanks has. has a others carefully for I sake of moved. to has rooms Hou floors inside of waiter also is enthusiasm, has a called week MistyGirl very nice, again something not impatient, always service with a smile. is here to say that personally, sentimental, ask the waiter to suffer, I'm sorry. but this girl make me feel very good, natural, warm, cheerful. to live next to the hotel.
andylee_xlscore:5.0 / 52019-02-25

Very good, reception Pham Loi, Wu Jia professional
ares96score:5.0 / 52019-02-23

Very rod, hotel environment is good, outside green many, hotel a circle are is garden, small bridge water is has feel, positive see is style, has Kaiyuan of style, door Concierge member are is is has spirit of guy, enthusiasm of drive door took luggage, door on smell to has Kaiyuan unique of fragrance, rich and not pungent, decoration is Chinese style, distribution to warm yellow of lights has resplendent of feel, front desk away from big door has a distance, special to praised von Miss, active welcome came askedTo don't do staying with I to front desk, with to front desk also end tea pour water took hot towel, such of weather a into hotel on can received such of service is happy, returned to I baby sent has a toy small watches, I thanks she she also has been said this are is she should do of, and to I a Zhang card, told I has need can contact she. front desk of small Wu is good, also is I fellow, handle fast people also handsome, praise a a. zhihou is Feng Xiaojie sent I door to of room, door is door card plug about, Lamp variable green on good has, door plug card take electric, also help we open has lamp, air conditioning adjustable to has right of temperature, see coffee table Shang put has a basket, I is curious up past see, von Miss on to I introduced this is hotel of children care basket, specifically for children prepared of, inside has baby of wash supplies, small slippers, small bath robe, small toothbrush, are small of, is cute, also has several this story book, this is intimate, just out didn't with story book to baby read, this Xia just easyTo, also has a small rabbit toy. are introduced good has zhihou, is courtesy of left has. himself looked has about room, room is Chinese style, landing window is bright, bed also clean flat, wash Taiwan is glass of, is has features. night call to has two cup milk, rooms service speed soon, 2 minutes on sent to has, milk also is hot of, drink finished meimei of sleep has a sleep. check out speed soon, door Concierge member to we introduced has attractions, also in computer Shang with softwareHelp us, soon come. trip to Ningbo very much.
deaddancescore:5.0 / 52019-02-23

Front desk very efficient. Rooms were very clean. Very comfortable, great Vice manager of a Tang dynasty named Wang Qiong. Take me to the room. Feel throughout the hotel are very good
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