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Autumn exhibition of Ningbo Museum

Date: 2012-09-29

The autumn season exhibition of Ningbo Museum started with the Exhibition of China Photoxylographical Printing Works that opened the other day. The Museum will have other two special exhibitions and amazing activities, events that will give visitors special experience.

The Exhibition of Dinosaurs, jointly hosted by Ningbo Museum and Zhejiang Natural Museum, will open on September 28 with exhibits including fossils of China Dongyang Dinosaur, Zhejiang Jilan Dinosaure and Tiantai Therizinosaurus. This is so far the largest exhibition of dinosaurs and the first one in Zhejiang Province.

In the autumn exhibition season, Ningbo Museum will present visitors with amazing activities. From October 1 to 10, the heritor of intangible cultural heritage: Yangzhou photoxylographical printing will make on-the-spot show of the procedures of photoxylographical printing handicraft and visitors can experience papermaking and photoxylographical printing. In middle October, The "Oriental Lecture by Ningbo Museum will open again.