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Artist Wang Xiaoying blends 'Anna Christie' with Ningbo Opera

Date: 2013-01-15

Wang Xiaoying, the deputy dean of National Theatre Company of China, is also the director of a new Yong Opera "An Di".

Wang Xiaoying became attached to Ningbo Yong Opera Troupe at the 9th Chinese Opera Festival in 2005. He has been looking forward to cooperating with Yong Opera Troupe for six years.

The newly-arranged Yong Opera "An Di" is adapted from the classic work "Anna Christie" by American playwright Eugene O'Neill.

It's a trend that local operas in China have been adapted from foreign works. In Wang Xiaoying's opinion, the basic reason to perform local operas under the theme of foreign works is to create new spark during the exchange of different opera culture from the East and the West.

"The background of 'An Di' has been transferred to Ningbo Port, and some Ningbo elements such as tavern signs will appear at the stage," said Wang Xiaoying.